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Frequently Asked Questions about stream2watch:

1. “My Stream is not loading / Player is not loading”:

Answer: Your ISP blocked streaming, you should use a VPN in order to access all content on this site. We recommend you not to stream content without a VPN !

2. “Is stream2watch safe ?”:

Answer: Yes simply do not download anything, we do not control the ads that are embedded inside the streaming player.

3. “I have no sound”:

Answer: On the very bottom (left or right side next to the volume) of any player you see a small unmute function. Sometimes you have to click tons of pop-ups (we do not control those ads) to see the unmute function.

4. “Channel is not working, only see a black screen”:

Answer: Sometimes some channels are offline, simply switch to another source below the video. As well, some ad blockers are blocking video codes. You might need to disable all ad blockers.

5. “I can't find the event I am looking for”:

Answer: If you know the TV station, try to find the TV Channel where the event is broadcasted. As well, please note that events are added by users only 12-24 hours in advance. As well, we do remove user created content when we do receive any DMCA takedown request.

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